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What we have to offer

To build with you a winning team, by putting our skills at your service: this is our goal. Flexibility, empathy, trust, professionalism are the key pillars of our work. We know the hotel industry and its development so well that we have strategically chosen to be an outsourced support to ensure the best results according to the customer needs within the required fields of action and on time.

We carefully select the hotels we work with and we start to collaborate only when we are sure to bring our expertise and real added value, developing effective qualitative projects in the hotel management.
We base our work on a detailed analysis of your business, on which we build, together with you, the appropriate strategies to make value, identity and image grow.

Our office is your hotel: the headquarters of Hotel Players become your hotel for the whole duration of our collaboration, through a shared calendar that provides our operational presence in the hotel.

Living and breathing the real space is for us the key to understanding your needs, to draw up tailor made strategies specifically for each individual situation.
The network, which we have built over time by working with an established client base and continues to grow day by day, is at your service.

We rely on companies and operators who now recognize us as their reference point. At the same time, we build new targeted market segments according to your specific characteristics, in order to improve the income of your hotel and make it grow over time.

Support services and co-management

We offer support services to owners and hotel management by assiting you in the whole hotel management process, by getting to know your team, implementing or modifying the internal dynamics, to generate competitive market mechanisms and to be more effective in the management itself: our team is your team!
We deal with economic feasibility studies, in order to consider carefully the investment prerequisites for your hotel and allow you to concretely establish what you can afford and what the market demands. We offer advice both in terms of product creation, and in terms of service and business organisation. We work and coordinate each department to ensure that each sector is fully functional and integrated with the others: management, front office, administration, reception, F & B.
Hotel Players is always at your side offering targeted and optimized solutions for each type of hotels, ranging from bed and breakfast to boutique hotels including major hotels, assisting you in all aspects of the management, such as bureaucratic support, day to day management and crisis management.

Sales and Marketing

Whether you are a small independent start-up or a large organisation, which needs to be repositioned in an increasingly competitive market, Hotels Players can develop a bespoke strategy aiming to increase sales and improve your ranking and your perception in the market.
We work every day looking for new customers according to your target in the business, leisure and MICE (Meeting Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions) market segments to optimize and implement your revenue. At the same time, we introduce you to our portfolio, consolidated over the years, interfacing with B2C (Business-To-Consumer) and B2B (Business-to- Business) companies.
We look for solutions that can improve the market perception of the hotel, both in the physical spaces of the hotel and in the virtual spaces of the web. Thanks to a thorough analysis of your business, we are able to observe with the same attention all the aspects involved in order to optimize them: the characteristics of the rooms, the services offered, the reception staff interaction with customers, food and beverage. Every detail is important to build a successful hotel strategy.

Food and Beverage and Visual Breakfast

In the new era of the hotel industry, an essential part of reception is no longer just offerring “nice rooms with bathroom,” but also services which will allow customers to feel truly welcome. Among them, Food and Beverage has become a crucial feature in the smooth running of a hotel.
After many years of experience, we have created a food specialist team capable of giving targeted advice on any aspect involving F&B: breakfast, lunch, aperitif and dinner, offering new ideas and suggestions, interpreted according to the character of the hotel and customer needs.
Breakfast plays an increasingly important role for any target, be it leisure, business or MICE: it is the last impression the customers will remember before leaving.
Silvia Salvatori, the undisputed master at making breakfast at your hotel memorable, takes care of the Visual Breakfast. As an art director, she manages to arrange every single detail and proposes innovative approaches, which will surely impress your guests right from the morning.

Revenue management and distribution

We deal with positioning, promoting and distributing on both off-line channels and on major online portals. We put into practice yield management strategies, thanks to analysis tools which allow us to understand in real time where the market and the competition are heading, and we establish flowing parameters depending on the target market, taking into account fundamental elements such as seasonality, the events in progress and the pressure of the moment.
Monitoring the economic trends on a daily basis allows us to structure dynamic pricing strategies, which change according to the actual demands. To maximize the result and channel customers using competitive positioning.

Online reputation and online marketing

Being connected is important, but being well-connected is essential.
We position your hotel on online booking portals in line with its specific characteristics in order to reach targeted customers; we offer advice on both graphic communication and on social communication to build an appropriate image which is true to reality; we help you maintain your online reputation, by giving you the proper tools to monitor your image, but also to respond properly to guest reviews, by emphasizing the positive ones and turning the negative ones into opportunities for growth.

Job Network

After years of experience, Hotel Players has created a network of operators who cover different roles all revolving around the hotel industry.

Need a professional in your hotel? Ask us!
We can get you in touch with highly experienced professionals you can trust.

After years of experience, Hotel Players has created a network of operators who have different roles working around the hotel world.

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